imageCurrently sitting in Buffalo Wild Wings working on pharmacology.


Supercross started tonight. And if there’s anything Drew loves more than me, it’s a dirtbike.

Why come to BWW instead of watching it in the comfort of our own home since it’s heckin cold outside?

Because we are cave people and do not have cable or wifi.

Alas, he drug me out of my cozy fuzzy blanket cocoon into blistering winds to sit here while he stares at a tv for a few hours.

I’m okay with that, though.

School starts back Monday. MONDAY PEOPLE. This means I’ll return to my days of staring blankly at 7 textbooks in a complete caffeine overload daze.

Drew is a very passive person. Quiet, reserved, peculiar, non-confrontational.  Absolutely nothing like me. His level of pettiness is pretty close to mine and we have the same terrible sense of humor, but all in all…

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