I read a blog post by a friend yesterday that was entitled “letter to the love of my life” and it sparked an interest. But, to respect her own idea and her blog I changed my title but kept the idea. (Thanks @nowherewomanblog). So, here we go. 

Dear Husband, 

I started out this post with the title “Letter to the greatest man I’ve ever known,” because that’s what you are. But then I thought about it and realized that in reality, that’s Jesus, but to me you’re a close second. That may be blasphemous, but oh well. I know you well enough to know you aren’t perfect. I know your flaws, your insecurities, what your biggest regret(s) is, and how you like to eat hot Cheetos every chance you get. 

I’m working on a lot of things, but right now my biggest priority has been teaching myself to uplift you, encourage you, and always remind you how special and important and wonderful you are. Before you, there was a lot of darkness in my life; now, I live in the constant shadow of the light you are constantly giving off. I am so thankful for your wittiness, your nerdiness, your constant patience with me, and the overwhelming amount of love you constantly give me even without trying. 

You are the most generous, compassionate, the strongest, smartest, and most fun person I have ever met. You have been and forever will be the greatest friend I’ve ever had, and the only person I am 100% confident and comfortable in my own skin. I love everything about you. Even the things I don’t like, I love. (And yes I am fully aware that that is what Jackson Avery said to April and I’m cool with it so just go with me.) I know your flaws and your mistakes were meant for me, they challenge me to be better for you and for our relationship. 

Marriage has been the hardest but the most amazing part of my life. Our struggles are just that: ours. I know now that I will never struggle alone again, unless it is by my own stubborn strong headed-ness that keeps me from coming to you. You have been my greatest supporter and my safe place for over 5 years now, and that is not something anyone else could say. You taught me how to love the world – even if it’s mostly just because you are in it. 
Any doubts I may have had of God’s goodness or his faithfulness have been silenced by the experience of learning how to love you. Always, continually, never ceasing, the motto is simply: better. Better than yesterday, better than who I have been, better than I will do today. 

I know that I’m not an easy wife. I’m stubborn, anxious, consistently failing in many ways and many things, but you never give up on me. Without your encouragement and the courage I’ve gotten from you, I wouldn’t be here today. You were there at my darkest hour and I know you will be when maybe I figure out how to shine my light best. The greatest part of that is knowing that you do not dim my light even with your immense shadow, you somehow increase the brightness. We are truly one now, and I couldn’t ask for more. 

I love you. Thank you.