This hurts my heart. But seeing her love for Jesus makes it a little better, because I know whose arms are cradling her tonight, and every day until eternity.


Kayla Mueller (26-year old aid worker) Kayla Mueller (26-year old aid worker)

I have just a short, simple thought to offer here this morning; it comes in response to the sad news of the death of Kayla Mueller at the hands of ISIS.

Mueller, a 26-year old from Arizona, travelled to Syria because she loves people, and because she wanted to do what she could to help ease the suffering of the victims of war.

Today I am deeply troubled because I have already heard her name being used to support rhetoric designed as a rallying cry for more violent retaliation.

How in God’s name (and I use that phrase deliberately) can more death and destruction possibly honor the great personal sacrifice of humanitarian heroes like Kayla Mueller? Do we not get it by now?

So long as this cycle of violence continues, we are telling the world that we still defer to ISIS vis-à-vis the rules of…

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