This guy is brave and making a smart choice.

The Fellow Christian

Why is it that we have to make tough choices? Like, why can’t they be soft choices? Easy choices? Fluffy choices? Anything better than tough choices.

You know the ones: the kind of choices that make you sweat like you just ran a marathon. The kind of choices that make you question yourself in every possible way. The kind of choices that distract you long enough so you accidentally put Dr. Pepper in your coffee.

I bring this up because I had to make a tough decision in 2015 already. I decided I’m not going to be in seminary anymore.

Well, for a semester at least.

You see, I started seminary in the fall of 2010. I’ve been on this grind for four years, working on Master’s degree. I did the math (trust me, it took a long time) and I learned that, with as long as I have been…

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